Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Goodbye June

June was a great month for TTT - we made deliveries to six hospitals - with a delivery total of 736 items! How wonderful!

The red, white, and blue items were loved by the nursing staff and I know that the families will be so surprised to see their little ones all decked for the 4th of July.

We got a very nice thank you note from Presbyterian Hospital and a phone call from the hospital in Murphy. Murphy was a new one for our group but they were so pleased to be added to our donation list so we will continue to serve them.

A special thank you to Lynn Markman and her looming group for the wonderful items that they sent to TTT. Lynn had a special contest which centered on items sent to TTT - the babies will be blessed by their lovely items.

And a very special thanks to the "Special Angels" for the wonderful hats and blankets that they sent for the babies. You angels are really special.

Looking forward to a great July....... 7, 790 items and growing....

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