Sunday, September 9, 2007

Awesome August!

August was an awesome month for TTT. God blessed the hands of our volunteers and also provided some beautiful donations from friends.

This was the biggest month that TTT has had since I started working with the ministry. Thank you all who were a part of providing for the little ones...God Bless you all.

And for the totals....... We served twelve (12) hospitals
And sent the following: 1,093 hats... 474 blankets...42 items of clothing...471 pair of booties... 13 bib/burp pads....353 stuffed animals...12 tote bags......for a grand total of 2,457 items for the month of August.

This brings our year-t0-date total of donations to 11,163. Praise the Lord - what a wonderful thing. Lots and lots of God's tiny miracles have been warmed this month.

We will start working on Halloween outfits for our September meeting - so get out that orange yarn and let's make some cute little goblins in the NICU this year.

Blessings to all and have a wonderful September!