Sunday, February 10, 2008

TTT starts the New Year with a bang!!!

Yes! A very big bang! The TTT members have been working so very hard and we have already begun shipping special items to the "little ones."

We received some very kind thank you notes and emails from the hospitals that we served last year - we do appreciate those so much.

And we are all geared up in love and faith ready to have another wonderful year for the Lord and his TTT ministry.

For the month of January we shipped out 1,045 items to eleven (11) different hospitals. Here is the breakdown:

250 blankets -- 400 hats -- 175 pr. booties -- 200 stuffed animals -- 2 tote bags -- 8 burp pads -- and 10 gowns/dresses.

Awesome! So many families have been blessed by your generous gifts. We are busy working on Valentine's Day outfits now - soon will be here.

Have a wonderful February all and God Bless :)