Monday, March 3, 2008

February was a sweetheart of a month..

..February is the heart month, the valentine month...the month where we all share the love...the love month!

And the love month it was for TTT as our wonderful volunteers shared the love with the preemie and newborn babies in hospitals across the state. Adorable hats, booties, blankets and gowns that would keep the little ones warm and cozy as well as special little animals to be placed in their cribs so that they would know that they were being thought of and prayed for by many, many people. Yes indeed the dear friends of TTT worked very hard to share the love this month.

TTT made deliveries to the NICU units of ten (10) different hospitals and delivered a total of 855 items. There were 239 blankets....239 hats...2 gowns...239 pr. booties...and 136 animals. Awesome work everyone.

The month of March will be our Easter theme month so we will be concentrating on items that have pastels, happy spring colors and Easter designs. So...let's cut out those bunnies and have fun making this Easter a very special one for some of God's tiny miracles.

Blessings all....