Sunday, May 4, 2008

Awesome April...

I have the totals for April calculated and it was another awesome month for TTT. A truly awesome month for the TTT ministry.
God is truly blessing the ministry and we are all so thankful for the many volunteers that donate their time and talents to share with God's little ones.
So many babies have been touched through your wonderful work - Praise God for all of you.
This month TTT was able to serve sixteen (16) hospitals in eleven (11) different states.
We shipped and/or delivered the following:
Bib/Burp Pads - 44
Hats - 394
Clothing- gowns/sweaters/dresses - 82
Booties - 350 pair
Blankets - 289
Stuffed Animals - 261
A total of 1,420 items!
Super - super month! Thank you all!
May will be one of our "everyday months" which means that we will be working on general baby color items - not any holiday related items. This will be one of our month's to rebuild our stock items such as blankets, hats, and booties so we can ship the needed items for the NICU. So choose your favorite color - your favorite pattern - and have fun! All items are needed but as always blankets are a very needed item.
Have a wonderful month all - and remember it is all "for the babies"