Monday, November 3, 2008

October Ending..

It seems as the year moves along the months go by faster and faster. I cannot believe that October has come and gone so quickly. Leaves are falling, we have had several frosts here in North Carolina and the crisp tempertures of Autumn are here.

October was a wonderful month for TTT. We had so many lovely items come in for the babies this month - and it was a very good month too!

..We served 13 hospitals during the month of October and distributed 1,247 items! Awesome Job!
...350 hats...325 blankets...325 pr. of booties..12 clothing items...225 stuffed animals...10 bibs

Super...super....super! Thanks to everyone who made this such a special month for the little ones.

We are now working on holiday items for the Christmas season so start collecting those red, green and white items.

Our November meeting was be Monday, November 10th - 6:00 pm. Hope to see everyone there.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone - God bless.