Wednesday, December 16, 2009

November & December Totals

We have the final totals for November and 2009 comes to an end. Even with the economy slow down, tight funds and many job losses we provided for many little ones. How God has blessed our ministry this year! We ended 2009 with a total of 6,003 items delivered.

Special thanks to all who helped with the ministry this year - we are so thankful for all of you.

Special prayers that everyone will have a blessed and joyful Christmas Season.

Blessings all :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

September and October Totals....

We have the final totals in for the September and October shipments....

For September...
We served three hospitals...
Howard University Hospital, Washington, DC
JHS Hospital of Cook, Chicago, IL
University of KY Med. Ctr, Lexington, KY
A total of 354 items were sent..
60 blankets - 82 hats - 32 bib/burp - 6 clothing - 82 bootie/socks
64 animals & 12 pacifiers

For October.....
We served three hospitals...
Carolinas Med Ctr, Charlotte, NC
Presbyterian Hospital, Charlotte, NC
St. Louis Childrens Hospital, St. Louis MO
And two special requests.
A total of 270 items were sent....
42 blankets - 64 hats - 24 bib/burp pads - 64 bootie/socks - 64 animals
12 pacifers.

Special thanks to all who made these gifts of love possible.

Our next meeting will be Monday, November 9th at 6:00 pm.

Autumn blessings all!

Monday, September 7, 2009

August Deliveries

Teeny Tiny Treasures served five hospitals during the month of August...

University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, KY
Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD
Women's Hospital Of Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
Forysth Medical Center, Winston Salem, NC
Children's Hospital of UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC

A total of 414 items were delivered..
82 blankets
104 hats
32 bib/burp pads
18 Gowns/dresses
82 booties/socks
74 stuffed animals
22 washcloths

Thanks to everyone who made these gifts of love possible.

Our next meeting will be Monday, September 14th, 6:00 PM at Cub Creek Baptist.

Have a blessed September all!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

June & July Totals

Hi all....I hope that your 4th of July holiday was a good one. Below are the totals for the TTT delivers for July...

June Totals:
3 Hospitals Served:
Children's Med. Ctr, NICU, Augusta GA
USAL Children's Hospital NICU, Mobile AL
New Britain General, New Britain, CT

Total of 296 items were sent: 65 blankets, 69 hats, 15 bibs, 15 burp pads, 2 gowns, 15 pr. booties, 45 pr. sockies, 70 stuffed animals.

July Totals:
3 Hospitals Served:
Rose Medical Center NICU, Denver CO
Presbyterian Hospital NICU, Charlotte, NC
Carolina Med Ctr NICU, Charlotte, NC

Total of 366 items were sent: 60 blankets, 87 hats, 15 bibs, 15 burp pads, 4 gowns, 8 dresses, 10 pr booties, 77 pr. of sockies, 75 stuffed animals and 15 washcloths.

Special thanks to everyone who donated to the little ones.

Next meeting: Monday, August 10, 2009 6:00 PM, Cub Creek Baptist Church

Blessings all :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Wow, these two months went by fast and I am so sorry I forgot to post the April totals. I cannot believe that I did that but old age is catching up with is the totals...

April - 6 Hospitals - 660 Items
150 blankets, 162 hats, 162 socks/booties, 150 animals, 12 burp pads, 12 bibs, and 12 washcloths.

May - 6 Hospitals - 691 Items
145 blankets, 200 hats, 150 socks/booties, 145 animals, 1 gown, 20 burp pads, 20 bibs, and 10 washcloths.

Our June meeting will be on Monday, June 8th at 6:00 pm at Cub Creek. We will be working on red, white and blue items for the July 4th deliveries.

Have a great month all and blessings.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

March has ended...

....and it was a very good month for TTT. We served 5 hospitals during the month and delivered a total of 731 items.
130 blankets.....250 hats....105 bibs/burp pads...1 gown....120 pair of booties/socks....100 animals and 25 washcloths.

All of the items were just lovely and were very much appreciated. Special thanks to everyone who made this such a great month.

Our April meeting will be on Monday, April 13 at 6:00 pm. Please come and join us.

Easter blessings to all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

February Totals

February was a short month but the volunteers were anything but short as the TTT totals were awesome for this month.
5 Hospitals were served
665 Items were delivered
...150 blankets
...212 hats
...56 bib/burp pads
...5 gowns
...2 sweaters
...5 dresses
...190 bootie-sockie sets
...25 stuffed animals
...20 washcloths

Thanks to everyone who made this month such a special one for the little ones and their families.
Next month will be St. Patrick's Day items.
Blessings all...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009

As we have come to the end of another year of TTT I want to thank you all for making this ministry such a blessing for so many. It has been such a special year for many families because you have shared the love of Christ with some of God's children. Bless you all!

2008 in short review....
.... we shipped and/or delivered to 100 hospital NICU this year
.... we shipped and/or delivered 11,270 items
.... we shipped to hospitals in several different states this year including Alaska and Hawaii - TTT has now shipped to all 50 states!

2009 will mark the 10th anniversary of Teeny Tiny Treasures. God has done many great things through this group and I am so very thankful that He has allowed me to be a part of it. May God continue to bless our efforts and give us great tasks for 2009.

In January we served 5 hospitals - and shipped 100 blankets, 110 hats, 110 bootie sets, 75 animals, 10 bib-burp pads, 10 washcloths - a total of 415 items. A very good start to the new year.
Thank you all for your generous gifts.

2008 leaves with a blessing

December was an awesome month for TTT! Even though the holiday season was a busy one....finances were tight for us all...and we had a short time to get the deliveries to the hospitals...we still had one of the largest donation months of 2008!

I am always amazed at how we can all come together and work to provide for so many of God's little ones - thank you all.

Donations were sent to 14 hospitals during December.
We shipped and/or delivered 1,331 items....
...350 blankets....400 hats...22 gowns...300 sets of booties...34 bibs/burps...and 225 animals!

Thank you all for such a wonderful month - God Bless you all!