Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Begins

The first of 2010 has been a cold and snowy one here in our area but not as bad as many states have endured. We have been forced to change some of our meetings due to the weather but we still have warm hearts and are working hard to share the love.

For the months of January and February we served 5 hospitals and sent a total of 525 items.

100 blankets, 100 bootie/socks, 75 animals, 50 pacifers,
25 washcloths, 25 outfits, 150 hats. Awesome ladies!

The items were sent to
Citrus Valley Med. Ctr, CA
USAL Children's Hospital, AL
CA Hospital, AR
Phoenix Children's Hospital, AZ
Huntsville Hospital, AL

We have received some very lovely thank you notes from the NICU nurses that we delivered to in December. The Christmas packages that we sent were very much appreciated.

We will not meet in March but will have our regular meeting in April.

Blessings all :)